Bloomington, IL

I’m in Bloomington Illinois as you can probably guess, staying with Julian and Noha who I met through It’s getting hotter as I head west! And it’s kind of boring. Apparently I’m in the largest soybean producing part of the country and soy is probably even more boring than corn! I’ll be heading into some river valleys in the next couple of days and hopefully that will break up both the monotony and the wind. And then I’ll be in Iowa. Likely with more wind. It never stops! I had about 1 mile today when I turned right without wind and for that brief time I could bike so fast. I looked down and I was going 22 mph. Up hill!!! Then I turned back into it and went back to pedaling to go down a hill. In the past 3 days I have gone 190 miles with the wind in my face the whole time.
At least they’re using it though. Most of the day today was through a wind farm. Those windmills are incredibly huge! I went right up to the base of one today and when you look up you see these monstrous blades flexing back and whooshing by so fast. It’s hard not to imagine one snapping off under the force of the wind to come sailing, slicing through the air right at you.


Track my tour

Hey everybody, I found a really interesting site called I can add waypoints as I go and you can see where I am. I’ll keep using this as well, but probably mostly for photos and if I’m moved to write a lot. You can view my map at Keep checking here too and leave plenty of comments!


I made it to Indianapolis!  I’m hanging with Katelin right now at her sweet apartment.  It kinda sucked coming into town, but Katelin came and gave me a ride.

84 miles yesterday and about 60 today, then 60 tomorrow, phew.

2 flats today, I think it’s time for a new tire.


New tent and I’m off to Indianapolis

Got my new tent in the mail today and it’s nice and small.  Now I’m ready to head off to Indianapolis.  The Days have been fantastic.  Letting me sleep here, driving me all over Columbus, etc.  But tomorrow morning I shove off and head for the heart of the mid-west.

After Indianapolis I’ll be all alone until at least Sioux Falls, and maybe Wyoming or Idaho.  Yikes! At least I should be dry at night.


I also got my official bike trip cards so now when people ask what I’m doing I can just hand them my card!

Rain in Ohio

I’ve seen rain at some point every day I’ve been in Ohio so far.  The first night was the worst though.  My “tent” isn’t really good for a heavy storm which I discovered on my very first night (Sunday).  It poured, and I mean poured.  I could feel the water rising next to my pad and I made a mad dash for the RV across the from my site.  I’m lucky it was there because underneath it I had plenty of room and it was bone dry.  Although between the deer crashing and snorting next to me and the turkey vulture babies keeping me awake I didn’t get much sleep.

On Monday, I don’t think the sun came out at all until I reached Zanesville and it was foggy all morning.  Still, I rode 63 miles.

Lemonade on the PA border

We stopped after a big climb 15 miles out of Washington, PA to sit in some chairs outside of a nice looking roadside restaraunt. We saw some girls walking their dogs towards the intersection. They ended up bringing us some lemonade from a stand up the road. It sure hit the spot!

I made it to Washington!

Pennsylvania. Had a great send off yesterday. Got a flat because of a tire liner that’s supposed to stop me from getting flats. We left the trail in Blythedale because we got to where we were planning to stop for the day at noon.

Went about 20 miles farther than expected and man, western PA is awfully hilly. It was a good ride with amazing scenery of rolling farmland. Hopefully we’ll make it to Ohio today, or at least the edge of West Virginia.