Rain in Ohio

I’ve seen rain at some point every day I’ve been in Ohio so far.  The first night was the worst though.  My “tent” isn’t really good for a heavy storm which I discovered on my very first night (Sunday).  It poured, and I mean poured.  I could feel the water rising next to my pad and I made a mad dash for the RV across the from my site.  I’m lucky it was there because underneath it I had plenty of room and it was bone dry.  Although between the deer crashing and snorting next to me and the turkey vulture babies keeping me awake I didn’t get much sleep.

On Monday, I don’t think the sun came out at all until I reached Zanesville and it was foggy all morning.  Still, I rode 63 miles.


2 thoughts on “Rain in Ohio

  1. Mike,

    It weighs a few pounds, however, I am willing to loan you the tent your Dad and I used in Colorado when we were backpacking. It is a two-person tent yet compact. You and your gear (sans bicycle) would fit inside. I also have a one person tent, a bit lighter and tighter which I could loan you (never used it, still in box other then when I set it up indoors to see what it looked like). This one weights between 3-4 lbs.

    Let me know. The folks and I can figure out how to get either to you if you are interested. Keep on peddling. Liked the photos!


    • Thanks! I just bought a new 1 person tent though. It’ll get to me tomorrow and I’ll be ready to leave Columbus for Indianapolis. Looks like storms, too! I’ll get to try it out.

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