Bloomington, IL

I’m in Bloomington Illinois as you can probably guess, staying with Julian and Noha who I met through It’s getting hotter as I head west! And it’s kind of boring. Apparently I’m in the largest soybean producing part of the country and soy is probably even more boring than corn! I’ll be heading into some river valleys in the next couple of days and hopefully that will break up both the monotony and the wind. And then I’ll be in Iowa. Likely with more wind. It never stops! I had about 1 mile today when I turned right without wind and for that brief time I could bike so fast. I looked down and I was going 22 mph. Up hill!!! Then I turned back into it and went back to pedaling to go down a hill. In the past 3 days I have gone 190 miles with the wind in my face the whole time.
At least they’re using it though. Most of the day today was through a wind farm. Those windmills are incredibly huge! I went right up to the base of one today and when you look up you see these monstrous blades flexing back and whooshing by so fast. It’s hard not to imagine one snapping off under the force of the wind to come sailing, slicing through the air right at you.


2 thoughts on “Bloomington, IL

  1. Pedaling to go downhill always makes me feel like Dorothy’s wicked dognapping neighbor, biking away as she swirls around in the tornado. (because of my crappy knees I have a BionX e-assist, and pedaling with extra vigor downhill or on the flat regenerates the battery).

    Thanks for the updates on your amazing trip! Mind if I share your blog with my other transcontinental bicycling friend? He was just here yesterday, helping with the roof garden…

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