Orange City, IA

Last night in Iowa. It was a fairly uneventful ride from Storm Lake to here. But it was so windy! Strongest winds I’ve encountered yet. I did try to fly my kite over a field of soybeans, but the wind was a little to strong for me lightweight pocket kite.

I’m staying tonight with the friends of Rajah, a barista I met in Oskaloosa. Great bunch of guys. We hung out in a corn field and played music and they taught me a pretty sweet Nepalese card game.

Headed for South Dakota next. So long, Iowa!


One thought on “Orange City, IA

  1. Biker Miker,

    I’m enjoying your travels secondhand and admire your pluck. It’s making me want to get out on my 2-wheeler and keep heading west. Keep safe and healthy, find untouched destinations, avoid bird fallout, and keep on rolling.

    BTW, the boys & I spent a fun weekend up in the Burgh a few weeks ago with your Mom & Dad.

    Uncle Randy

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