Sioux falls, SD

I made it to South Dakota!! Near Alvord, IA I ran into road work. Rather than follow the detour signs, which looked like they were going to throw me on gravel roads, I decided to go around the construction. It’s Sunday so no one will be working, I figured. Well, I went down a big hill toward the construction, and when I got there the bridge was out. Maybe it washed out in the flooding. My options were either climb back up the hill and follow the detour probably miles out of my way, or try to get across the river, which I did.

I was wheeling my bike down to the edge through the blackest, stickiest mud I have ever seen. It got to the point that my wheels wouldn’t turn because of the mud in my fenders. So I took all the gear off of my bike and carried it. Then I had to wade across the river. I took everything off of my bike and carried it all above my head as I walked barefoot and half naked across the river. I’m just lucky it was Sunday and nobody was around. I ended up cut and bloody and covered in mud.

But I made it to Sioux Falls. I’m taking two days here to rest and plan out my trip across SD. Today I’m going in search of a bike shop. The rumble strips and rough roads shook some stuff loose that my short Allen wrenches can’t reach and I want to get clear glasses for when I’m biking early in the morning and when it’s cloudy and rainy.


One thought on “Sioux falls, SD

  1. Hi Mike! We have been following your blog and your progress. We love the pics! You should write a book about your experience, like “A Walk In The Woods”. Keep on pedaling. It seems like the ride of a lifetime. Go boy!!
    Love you,
    Robin & Ed Goralczyk

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