Huron, SD

Great day of biking! I had about 85 miles of tailwinds today. It started out a little foggy and misty and rainy, but luckily I have my new glasses. For lunch I stopped at the Prairie Inn in Carthage. If you’re thinking, “Why have I heard the name Carthage, SD before?”, it’s because it was featured in “Into the Wild”. The little town of 187 people is where Chris McCandless AKA Alexander Supertramp spent a summer working at the grain elevator. They even filmed the movie there.
Or maybe you’re thinking about the original straw built museum, which was unfortunately closed when I was there. Of course you could also be thinking about the best fish sandwich in South Dakota.

After Carthage I breezed up to Huron where Eric gave me a spot on his floor to spend the night. He was a fun and engaging host, and a superb cellist. Unfortunately the fire alarm in his building went off around 5 AM. So with little sleep I headed out into the hazy, humid, and hot morning.


2 thoughts on “Huron, SD

  1. Sounds as though you are having a great trip! I only read it today. So I wasn’t one of the many hits you have been getting on the blog. i know Ralph has been reading.

    Hope you stay safe.

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