Who’s reading this?

Just curious because I’ve been getting a 30 hits a day. Leave a comment, I want to know who’s reading my web log!


14 thoughts on “Who’s reading this?

  1. I’ve been following along, as well. The girls and I have perused your map and your photos… lots of fun. We are thinking of you, and are very very impressed!

  2. Hey Mike,

    I’m still hanging in there with you! Check for posts every day and check the Track My Tour site before I head off to work. Like the photos, keep them coming.

  3. Mike, I sing in the St Bede choir with your dad. He gave me your card yesterday so I thought I’d give you a good luck. I used to ride a lot but am too old to do it any more. Enjoy yourself on your trip.

  4. Aaditya here – went on a long one-month Eurotrip after my Pitt-DC ride, hence completely off the internet! Great to read your posts all at once and will try to follow from now 😀

  5. Mike, I got a message from your Dad about the bike trip. Give me a call when you get to Seattle. Enjoy the nice weather. Mike K.

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