Rapid City, SD

Hills and trees! There are hills and trees here!! It’s amazing!

Leaving Wall the only road going west is I-90. I was assured by a blurb on the state highway map that biking is legal on interstates in South Dakota, but I was still nervous getting on, but for nothing. It was the easiest riding I’ve had in a long time. For most of the way there was a nice shoulder, people still moved into the left lane to pass me, the hills are so much easier, and there are overpasses that gave me shade that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. In Wasta I even stopped at the rest stop and talked to the ladies at the information desk about my ride so far and they told me about the terrain coming up and even the condition of the shoulder. They didn’t warn me that the drivers would get meaner and meaner as I approached Rapid City. It wasn’t terrible, but people were coming too close and honking. It didn’t help that it’s a really confusing city to bike into.

Many thanks go to Sherry and Fred who took me in despite already having two cyclist already scheduled to stay with them. They fed me some great Mexican food and they have a beautiful house with a stunning view.

Good luck to the other folks who were spending the night! I never did write down your names or contact info, so if you read this, please comment and tell me! I wish you tailwinds and no more flats.

Also thanks to Jeff and Robbie at Cranky Jeff’s who helped me box up my bike for the bus. Next stop Lovell, WY! I can’t wait to get on my brand new saddle.


4 thoughts on “Rapid City, SD

  1. Hi Mike,
    You haven’t posted for a few days and I thought that I would check in to make sure that all is well?

  2. Mike you are doing great! I check your site whenever I get time but this first time I left a comment. I love the comments you write.

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