Wall, SD

Here I am after hundreds of miles of signs! I figured I’d see them after I crossed the Missouri, but I think I saw my first Wall Drug sign before I even got to Sioux Falls.
So here it is. Even more full of tourist and kitsch than I expected, and I expected a LOT. And when you get tourists everything gets expensive and worse. Although I did get day old donuts for half price and they were fantastic!
I rode a jackalope, saw a six foot rabbit, tons of interesting taxidermy like a fur bearing walleye, and picked up some free bumper stickers. I thought someone had stolen my spedometer, but I just put it in my bag. That was a relief, it would have just been one more thing to buy in Rapid City.

I also met my very first touring cyclists since I started my trek! There was a group of four heading from Portland, OR to NYC. And I met a couple who had just finished riding in the Yukon. The temperature is much better up there. My keychain thermometer registered 110 degrees!


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