Jerome Bettis

In Rapid City I bought a bus ticket to Cody, WY. There are two reasons for this. One was because there are no people in Wyoming. (something like 400000 in the whole state) The other, more important one, was to meet my sister, Karen, in Yellowstone the next day. So I went to the LBS the day before and talked to Jeff about getting my bike into a box to take it on the bus. It was the end of the day and he was a bit cranky, but the longer I talked to him, the more accommodating he became. Eventually he agreed to let me use one of his stands and box it up myself while he gave me advice.
Boxing a bike, especially a big bike gets kind of tricky. You need to take off the seat, fenders, wheels, and handlebars. And then stuff it all in a cardboard box. It’s not so bad in a shop with a stand and good tools, but reassembling it on a sidewalk gets a little tricky. Even more difficult is carrying two panniers, a handlebar bag and a huge box to the bus station.

I made it and caught the 6 o’clock bus to Billings where I got 3 hours of restless sleep on the floor in the station waiting for the 5:30 bus to Lovell where I expected to reassemble my bike and ride the rest of the way to Cody instead of waiting 11 hours for the bus. But the driver called ahead and there was a shuttle waiting to take the three of us (Geramie, Matthieu, and myself) to Cody.
On the way, the driver told us that there’s a shuttle to the entrance of Yellowstone, and that it’s cheaper if we all split the cost, so we did, but didn’t really save that much money.


4 thoughts on “Jerome Bettis

  1. Hey Mike, Your Dad gave me this address and I enjoyed reading it.
    I drove that route in a car a couple years ago to Jackson hole and back………can’t even imagine doing it on a bike!! What an experience.
    Keep on truckin. Sylvia Simon (Allderdice)

  2. Hello Mike ! We hope your bike trip around Yellowstone was great. As for us, we just came back to Cody this morning after a (exhausting) week of hiking in the Backcountry. We can keep in touch via our website : We will shortly add a post about our trip in Yellowstone, with a lot of great pictures ! See you !

    • Well, you’re not the first person to ask, and though I am hesitant to reveal my subtle humor and penchant for word-play, perhaps I should give a hint.
      Think about his nickname while he was playing for the steelers.

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