Cody, WY

Buffalo Bill Cody would be proud of this town. It is completely full of tourists. And there’s a great big statue of him outside of his museum. And in true Buffalo Bill fashion, it costs $18 to get in. Maybe all of the towns close to Yellowstone are like this.
I was super tired after my 3 hours of sleep in the bus station, so after I got my bike put together I found the closest coffee shop and hung out there for most of the day. Finally I picked myself up and headed up to Robbin’s house, my second, and more comfortable couchsurfing experience. I took a nice and much needed nap, then we had a great dinner, and I got to sleep in an exceptionally comfortable bed.

Went back to the Beta coffee shop and waited until 11:30 to meet with Jeremie and Matthieu and catch our shuttle to Yellowstone.


2 thoughts on “Cody, WY

  1. Mike–I had been following your blog, but figured that you hadn’t had a chance to update it for awhile. Now I’m beginning to get worried that something may have happened to you. I’ve seen nothing since you arrived in Idaho. Did you just stop blogging? I hope all is well, that your trip is finished and you are just busy with life back home.
    Robbin, Cody, WY

    • Yes, and sorry about that, I made it to Seattle on August 8 and spent two great weeks there before biking to Portland and then taking the train to San Francisco and biking for 4 days around the bay area. I flew home in early September and got right back into things here in Pittsburgh. I’ve been meaning to update it ever since I got to Seattle, but something keeps distracting me. I suppose I should at least post something saying I’m not still in Idaho!



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