A great part of my trip got off to a rocky start. We all paid a bit more than expected for our shuttle up to the park. The first bus took us up to Pahaska where we were to get on a second that would go into the park. When we bought our tickets for the second bus, we were told that the price of the bus would also pay our entrance to the park. This was the reason I decided to take the bus, and not bike in.

Well, we got to Pahaska and the second driver let us know that, in fact, we were still expected to pay our entrance into the park. After a bit of yelling and screaming on my part the driver of the first bus made a call and we got our entrance fees paid.

So far so good. I got to Fishing Bridge at about 2 o’clock, so I called Karen, left a message and went for a ride. I got back to the general store at around 4 and hung out for a while, eating my peanut butter and crackers and reading my book. About every hour or so, I’d go to the pay phone and call Karen. The phone rang, so I knew she had service. I did this more out of boredom and curiosity to see if she had made it into the park and out of cell range than anything. I had met some people earlier who offered to let me stow my stuff in their car and sleep under their trailer if she didn’t show up by 10. At about 7:30 I took a walk over to the ranger station to stretch my legs. It was closed. Luckily I left my bike on the side of the road because as I was walking away I heard someone calling my name. It was Karen and Zach!

We squeezed my bike and gear into the car and drove off to our campsite at Bridge Bay. While we were setting up I used bug spray for the first time that I can remember.

That evening we went to a fantastic talk about wolves In Yellowstone. We all left there dreaming about seeing a wolf in the distance while in the park. We all knew we wouldn’t.


3 thoughts on “Yellowstone

  1. Nice reports. Keep on riding. I do not envy you riding into all that wind. We met in Indianapolis and I have enjoyed your ride.

  2. Hey Mike…Your are doing great!
    I see that you will be near Kennewick, Washington soon. That is where they found “Kennewick Man”, the oldest human Skeleton in North America…Approximately 10 thousand years old!

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