Yellowstone pt. 3

After the petrified trees on specimen ridge, I don’t remember the exact order in which we did things. In the next day and a half, we saw every geyser basin and thermal feature in the park, went swimming, saw Yellowstone lodge, spent another freezing night camping in West Thumb, and drove over the continental divide a lot.
The animals we saw included:
Zillions of bison
Some sort of social, burrowing rodent

From Yellowstone we went down to the Grand Tetons and hiked around Jenny lake to Inspiration Point. It was a nice hike despite my tattered shoes which were torn to ribbons from the hiking in Yellowstone. I think it would have been more inspirational if it hadn’t been covered in families that took the boat across and boy scouts.

From there we headed down to Jackson and over to Idaho Falls where we just made the deadline to return the car. Their plane was delayed so we had a tasty dinner in the airport restaurant. Then I was back on my own.


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